Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect, how we'll meet, and how often it'll happen.
More questions? Contact us directly!

How do I join the First-Time Moms Group?

To sign up, go to the Moms Group tab and click "Register". For additional questions, fill out the Contact form and a member of the team will be in touch.

How much does it cost?

Special launch rate for the initial group in June will be $60. From thereon, while on zoom, the registration fee for 6 sessions will be $120. Please contact us for further information.

When is the first meeting and how often do we meet? 

Group start date and time depends on interest at that time. After you register someone will reach out to you with scheduling details. Once a group starts it will meet once a week for 6 weeks. Currently all meetings will be conducted via zoom.

What can I expect from sessions?

Each session will be themed with a particular topic to discuss and explore with guidance from a mental health professional. Each session will have ample time and opportunity for unstructured conversation and connection for moms to share with and be heard by the group.

What topics will we cover?

We'll cover everything from sleeping and rest, to the shifting relationships with your loved ones, family values, communicating, and more.